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Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ)

SFQ Level One For Health class. 

There are 8 modules and many short videos in this beautiful presentation. You will learn the history of and the how's and why's of Spring Forest Qigong, as well as all the Level One SFQ active exercises. You will also learn how to remove energy blockages for yourself and others as well as learn a very simple meditation that is applicable 24x7!!! Being that Master Santos has attended many SFQ events in MN as well as teaching SFQ at the 15th World Congress on Qigong and TCM, many additional tidbits are included in this class.

SFQ Level One for Health classes are offered by request.

It's a 6 hour class best taught on a Saturday or Sunday, with a one hour lunch in the middle. Check our schedule at the link below or contact me for an alternative date.



A Center For Well Being

2538 Cordoba Way San Jose CA 95125

also open to other venues.

408 448 0262 H 408 886 4399 C

In Love Kindness and Forgiveness,

Master Santos

Former SFQ Certified Level One Instructor.

Current SFQ Master Healer.

I am also available for group and large group Qigong practice.Treat your employees to a one hour Qigong experience they will love. It's energizing and relaxing all in one. Contact me for pricing.